Inside this Course

Students will get lifetime access to 5 information packed modules with easily digestible bite-size lessons PLUS actionable steps for a clear transformation. Students also get access to priceless resources and our private Camera Ready FB Community!

  • 1

    Module 1: Welcome

    • Welcome to Business Bootcamp for Hosts

    • Introduction: Who is the course for & what makes me qualified to teach it?

    • What to Expect; How to navigate the course

  • 2


    • Understanding the Industry and Where You Fit

    • Discovering Your Brand

    • Master Your Marketing

  • 3


    • Mindset Matters

    • On Camera Skills

    • Practice Makes Perfect

  • 4


    • Content

    • Key Decision Makers

    • Community and Conversations

  • 5


    • Budget-Friendly Camera Ready Gear

Business Bootcamp for Hosts

This course was created for hosts & experts in the beginning and intermediate stages of their on camera career. The curriculum was designed to help students learn the secrets of this highly competitive business and begin to put their foundational skills and knowledge into practice!

What Makes Business Bootcamp for Hosts Different?

A Certified Professional Coach with a proven track record of successful clients and decades worth of on camera experience!


    Nicole Sellars, CPC will help on camera talent get clear on the hosting industry, the business behind the business and where they fit in the game. Hosts will also get focused on building their brand so they are more marketable and attractive to casting directors, talent agents and other key decision makers.


    Confidence is key when auditioning, creating video content and performing on any set. We'll cover the basics of on air delivery, interviewing skills, teleprompter tips, mindset hacks and more.


    Establishing relationships within the entertainment industry is essential to having a sustainable hosting career. We'll cover how to properly connect with a talent agent and manager when it's time, connect with casting directors through creative strategies and how to package yourself as a true professional in the field.

I've taken my proven 5 step system that I use for my private clients to this hybrid coaching program. 

I'll show you the blueprint to becoming a more business savvy talent so you can become the bad ass CEO of your own business and brand!

Who Is This Course For?

  • Aspiring hosts who are overwhelmed by the amount of industry information out there and don't know where to start.

  • If you're unsure of who you can trust and if they're really looking out for your best interest.

  • If you feel STUCK in your on camera career journey and can't figure out why you can't get to the next level given your passion and talent.

  • If you're frustrated by all the money you've spent on weekend workshops or time spent on webinars and still don't see tangible results!


See what students are saying...

Kase Ellers

Host of Real Estate Crazy & Featured HGTV Host

"When I started working with Nicole I had already spent thousands on hosting workshops, classes and headshots. I felt stuck! Nicole helped me gain clarity on what network producers, talent agents and casting directors were looking for which paved the way for me create content that would attract them. With her easy to implement strategies I can now proudly say that I have taken my own show from a pipe dream to a reality. I can't thank Nicole enough!"

Ania Hammar

Host on SiriusXM's The Highway

"Investing in coaching with Nicole was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my career so far! She is a pure joy to work with, incredibly knowledgeable and provided me the tools to confidently and strategically level up my hosting career. from website development to pitch email structure to providing insight on what kind of jobs are out there and how to find them. I have learned so much from Nicole and plan to continue working with her whenever possible!"

Casey Hall

Swag Bucks Live Host, Spokesperson & Commercial Actress

"Nicole has been so incredibly helpful with my planning strategies, demo reel and other marketing materials necessary for landing a talent agent and hosting job. I recommend her highly!!! She is super knowledgable, professional, energetic and fun to work with. Nicole is organized and efficient. She helped make my dreams come true!"

Business Bootcamp for Hosts Students Will Walk Away With:

  • A professionally formatted talent resume and/or branded one sheet with a killer bio that's sure to grab the attention of key decision makers (professional guidance on how to assemble it provided)

  • A step-by-step guide on how to create your elevator pitch personality reel

  • A curated list of legit talent agents and casting directors saving you hours of research time

  • A professional mentor with extensive experience in the hosting/entertainment industry plus a community of like minded creatives

  • The knowledge of how to create your own sizzle reel on a budget

  • The knowledge of where to get professional hosting headshots and how they're different from actor headshots

  • A curated checklist of where to find jobs NOW to build your resume and gain experience

  • An e-mail template for talent agents when it's time to reach out!

  • Professional recommendations for talent website designers, video editors and headshot photographers who have been used (and loved) by TVHA alumni

  • The opportunity to join TV Hosting Academy's Green Room membership at a discounted rate for ongoing support, monthly masterclasses, group coaching, job board and more!



Nicole Sellars

Nicole Sellars, CPC is a working Actress, Host and Certified Professional Coach. She's been repped by some of the biggest talent agents in the game including A3 Artists Agency, Atlanta Models and Talent and People Store, and worked for big names including MTV, AOL, NBC & NYC-TV to name a few. Sellars has fast tracked hosts from aspiring to working talent with top tier representation. Aside from working in TV & Film for two decades as a #1 news market Journalist, Host & Actress she was also a lead instructor at The Connecticut School of Broadcasting for nearly 5 years before they shut their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sellars prides herself on helping talent build their brand and business aside from helping them hone their hosting skills. She firmly believes Hosts need to be self sufficient, sharp and a desirable brand in order to succeed.