Are you a host or industry expert looking to land a talent agent for bigger and better paying on camera opportunities? Do you want to learn from one of the most successful talent agents in the business? Look no further than our Industry Insider event with Blair Taylor!

Recently, Blair has been working with several hosts from “Shark Tank” including Robert Herjavec and Kevin “Mr. Wonderful” O’Leary by aligning them with corporate and branding partners in the finance and business space. Other high profile celebrity endorsements and partnerships include Dennis Rodman, Terrell Owens, Kathy Hilton, La Toya Jackson, Debbie Gibson, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and the ever fabulous Carson Kressley.

Here's what you can expect during our LIVE 90- minute virtual event on Thursday, April 6th at 4 pm PST/ 7 pm EST

  • 90-minute access to one of the industry's top talent agents so you can ask all your burning questions!

  • A chance to find out what talent agents REALLY look for and when is the right time to connect with one.

  • In-depth knowledge from an industry leader: Blair represents TV hosts, product experts, celebrities, news reporters and other on camera talent since 1997.

  • Actionable strategies for success: You'll learn the practical tips and strategies that Blair has used to help his clients succeed in the industry.

  • Myths Debunked! Blair will share the entertainment industry's biggest lies and misconceptions so you don't waste anymore time and money.

  • What makes you BOOKABLE: Learn why some experts with no on camera experience may get signed by an agent and more experienced talent might not!

  • Where to FIND WORK! Hint: It's not where you may think...

  • What you can do RIGHT NOW if you don't have a reel: Learn what agents really want to see and what you can leave out!

Limited Access

Replay will NOT be available for purchase after the event!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to meet one of the biggest talent agents in the hosting space. The replay will only be available for 48 hrs- so once the video is is the opportunity to get ahead in the hosting world.

Meet Talent Agent Blair Taylor!

This is how the strongest connections are made.

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Blair Taylor

Blair Taylor has worked in the entertainment industry representing talent for over 2 decades. Graduating with an advertising degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Blair began representing commercial actors, models and spokespeople in national and international campaigns for the world’s most recognizable companies including McDonalds, Coca Cola, Chevy Trucks and Verizon. One of the more notable negotiations was the placement of former NFL player Isaiah Mustafa in the international mega hit breakout commercial campaign of 2010 for Old Spice Body Wash – “The Man Your Man Can Smell Like.” With over 6,500 commercial bookings under his belt, Blair then began focusing on product endorsement and direct response (infomercial) opportunities for celebrity hosts, news anchors, and experts including chefs, fitness trainers and doctors. His roster of hit infomercials includes Jack Lalanne Juicer, Wolfgang Puck’s Pressure Oven, Magic Bullet Juicer, Tempur-Pedic Mattress, Murad Skin Care, Jenny Craig and countless client appearances on HSN and QVC. Having negotiated well over 1,500 long form and short form infomercial and direct response contracts with producers and product marketers in the industry, Blair has been the “go to” resource for talent needs worldwide. In 2005 Blair began working alongside InventHelp to co-produce an event called “Pitch by the Pros.” The event which takes place at the Electronic Retailing Association’s annual international conference brings together television’s top pitch people alongside the inventors of the newest and most innovative products of the year. In 2009, Blair worked closely with Dr. Phil’s production company, Stage 29 Productions, to place Dr. Andrew Ordon as co-host of the internationally syndicated hit, “The Doctors.” The show has won multiple Emmys and is now in its 11th year. In 2013 the tables were turned when Blair was asked to appear on camera as a series regular in a new docu-series television pilot titled “Sunset Spin,” a show that opened the doors to the internal workings of Hollywood.

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