In this 90-minute LIVE virtual masterclass at 7pmET on Tuesday, March 7th

Students will learn:

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  • How to transform your communication fears into support pillars.

  • How to prepare your body and voice for "storytelling".

  • How to find and develop your authentic "charismatic storyteller type".

  • How to adapt your "storytelling style" to different formats.

  • How to discover best practices to market your "charismatic storytelling" services

Meet Your Instructor!

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Want to stand out on stage or on camera?

We've been told again and again by hiring managers, CD's and talent reps that without creative storytelling your message can get lost, and with it..your next job opportunity! Stop wondering why you're NOT getting booked, and take action to become a better storyteller.

Guest Instructor

Guest Instructor

Natalia Bilbao

Natalia Bilbao is a bilingual (English and Spanish) actress, emcee, Emmy Award winning TV host (2021 Los Angeles Governors Emmy Award) and communication specialist with over 10 years of experience working in the USA, UK, France and Spain in Film, TV, new media, theater, comedy shows and live events. She has worked with Dwayne Johnson, Natalie Portman, Jason Momoa and Jennifer Garner amongst others in 2022.