With network hosting gigs on the decline what's a host to do??

We got you! Our special guest Deanne who earns 10K a month reviewing products from home has got you covered.

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In under one hour students will learn:

  • Steps to joining the Amazon influencer program or Amazon Associate program and discovering which one is right for you

  • How to create product review videos that coverts to sales and how to be a home shopping host on Amazon

  • How to get a TON of free products sent to you

  • Ways to leverage your social media to make money

  • How to find high paying freelance hosting gigs you can do from your home on UpWork

  • How to match your talents with your passions to earn income without burning out

Meet Deanne!

Microinfluencer and Host

We'll be pulling back the curtain on how other hosts earn a full time income without leaving the house!

Here's a hint...you probably already have all you need right at home to get started.

Guest Instructor

Guest Instructor

Deanne Gustafson

Deanne is a former tv news reporter/anchor currently who now works full time from home doing product review videos on Amazon as part of their influencer program. Deanne also works with brands and businesses as on-camera talent to create UGC content, reels, scripted content and is a live shopping host. Deanne lives in San Diego with her husband, two amazing daughters ages 5 and 3, and her American Eskimo dog.