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Course curriculum

Launch with confidence with our proven 4 step system

  • 1

    Why YouTube?

    • Why YouTube Matters

  • 2

    Understanding YouTube

    • Understanding YouTube

  • 3

    Things to Consider Before You Start

    • Things to Consider Before You Start

  • 4

    Content and Gear

    • Content and Gear

  • 5

    Creating Your Channel

    • Creating Your Channel

  • 6

    YouTube Studio

    • YouTube Studio Overview

  • 7

    Customizing Your Channel

    • How to Customize Your Channel

  • 8

    Changing Your Channel Settings

    • Changing Your Channel Settings

  • 9

    Customizing Uploads

    • How to Customize Uploads

  • 10

    How to Upload a Video

    • How to Upload a Video

  • 11

    How to Optimize a Video

    • How to Optimize a Video

  • 12

    Personalizing Your Channel

    • Personalizing Your Channel

  • 13

    Thanks for Watching

    • Thanks for Watching

Check out these incredible bonus guides!

Students will get instant access to these time saving tip guides and checklists.

  • Concept Starter Kit

    This Idea Starter guide will show you some of the most profitable channel ideas and concepts so you can dive right in. No more procrastinating!

  • 20 Money Making Ideas!

    This checklist will provide you with all the ways you can make MONEY from your new channel including affiliate and sponsorship tips.

  • Workflow Checklist

    From idea to video! Consistency is key to building your audience. This handy list will help you stay on track so they never miss a beat.

What to Expect:

13 Easy to Follow Steps in Bite Sized Modules. Total MINI course time is UNDER AN HOUR!


Guest Instructor

Kevin Kolbe

Content creator, video marketing specialist, coach, and founder of Kevin Kolbe Media. My life in media started on the radio then led to TV working with stations affiliated with FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and The CW. After TV, I started my own video marketing media business and now help non-profits, businesses, and entrepreneurs around the world get into and do more with online video. I'm also a husband and dad of three, including one with special needs.